Yeast Feast: Finding Glucose in Food

Yeast Feast: Finding Glucose in Food is a kit newly available for loan from GSEO. This kit can be used as a lab extension to the curriculum, or as a stand-alone lesson. In the lab, students use CO2 production by yeast as an assay for the amount of glucose in a food. The lab is book-ended by a number of activities, including tools to support student model-making. The kit includes 8 water baths, glucose and sucrose solutions, enzymes, test tubes, beakers, materials for modeling, and more. The kit is available for pick up from the UW.

NEW KIT! Yeast Feast: Finding Glucose in Food


Slide set to accompany kit

To schedule use of the kit for Seattle-area teachers, please contact Joan Griswold ( or Maria Sati (

Want to see how it works? Maria will show you how:

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